Ideas In Context Week 4 and 5 - What news?

3:36 PM

For this two, I need to choose topic from news that what is happening in Malaysia. First topic I take from is about why super biker banned Majalah 3 slot from TV3 program. But this issue is already solve. What we need is problem that we can give some solution, message or statement. And then, I search again about what topic should I choose and I found the topic is about Journalists Injured When Beaten for Coverage.

Ang Kean Siang, 32 from Guan Ming Daily newspaper just doing his job and a woman was found dead and believed to have fallen from the 19th floor of apartment. During doing his job, A man offered to take motorcycle journalists out of the area to encourage chaos and the reporter only accept the offer without hesitation. The man, who would offer to journalists brought to the container near their post guard PPS. after leaving the place of journalists, the man who would be awarded three friends last call came and seized the reporter's camera then slamming into the floor causing camera malfunction. However, the reporter was disappointed because they (the PPS) should control the order and security of their action against me but they seem to show a gangster. Ang Kean Siang (reporter) has received initial treatment categories, Penang Hospital before being treated at Loh Guan Lye Hospital and that she had lodged a police report at Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Timur Laut. Penang Deputy Chairman of PPS, Ng Wei Aik. He will try to identify the members of PPS involved will be taken strict action against them. For now, the PPS team activities have stopped for a while to further investigation. PPS was launched on September 17, 2011 to provide awareness to the public about the safety aspects in addition to assisting the police patrols to maintain order.

After i read this article, i made a mind map to see the story and also some message, segment or solution for this problem

So this is my final artwork. Photo has been taken near Petaling Street, KL.

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