3D Design Fundamentals Week 2 until 8 - Make Own Sculpture Flora and Fauna Theme

7:30 PM

My sketch all at sketch book. So here only my final design and I already pick the right color for my sculpture. My sculpture actually based on pineapple and transform into leaf. Well, if you see the design I know you guys will say like ironman, ultraman, pokemon etc. But the reason I say its leaf because I follow the theme that my lecturer give and is about flora and fauna. 

This one I make it separate because it will make my job easier by knowing what should I do better than playing with clay making random shape. So the materials that we need to do hanging sculpture is thin wooden board, clay, POP (Plaster Of Paris) and tools.

This one is random idea/shape before I get know how to use this clay to make a shape before start modelling. 

So I already start modelling for my sculpture. It's really hard to make a shape especially you doing without water.

Side view

And this is the final shape I have made using clay

After finish this step, we move to another step which means we using POP (plaster of paris) for casting.
Now we make mold for create copy of my sculpture but we still using POP for copy because when we color it, the color will stick it.

Before start it, we need to use soap to prevent from stick at mold. If cannot take out, which means we need to do all over again or see the sculpture at clay to see which part is the making stuck.

Now already finish remove it from that mold. 

And now is time to color my sculpture with what I already plan to color it.

Bird eyes view

Side view

Now I make it second layer for retouch up to make it clean.

And now the second color apply to my sculpture.

Done apply the second color.

And now finish everything with third color. So this is my final D

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