Ideas In Context Week 3 - Human Trafficking

10:39 PM

This week our topic is about human trafficking. We need to think how to make people respond with our idea. All the idea we expand into the mind map and come out with some idea of solution.

So after we make the mind map, we manage to get some with idea of solution
1. Voiceless (can't do anything)
2. Lust Is Not Happiness.
3. "I am not a Barbie dolls"
4. Lust can't bring happiness.
5. There's always have hope.

After that, i doing some sketch to visualize my idea.

So after I done sketch out, I come out with my final sketch out into digital. And this is the final artwork. 

Lust Is Not Happiness.
The reason i'm using barbed wire is it shows how you feel the pain of some victim that have to doing this such of thing. 

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