Ideas In Context Week 6 until 8 - About Malaysian

9:25 AM

So this week is final for ideas in context. This week we need think what is unique about Malaysia and since this is group project, we decide to choose "Malaysia Broken Languages" for our main topic. When this idea come out, we need to think something different to make people know what we actually doing. We choose ghost because we not seen yet people doing about ghost talk to other ghost to find nasi lemak. So the message is "No matter who we are, we still a Malaysian". So before we get the idea what should we do, we all doing mindmap to make the direction what video we need to do. This final project we need to do a short video.

Behind the scene 
Preparation for shooting

makeup by Nazrin (me) and Pavitra
and props by Nazrin

After shooting and make sure that the scene look good and editing

So this is the final video

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