3D Design Fundamentals Week 1 - Research Casting Sculpture Artists

3:30 PM

This first week I doing research about casting sculpture artists. I am researching about Adam Beane. Adam Beane has been a commercial sculptor for the past ten years. He is known for sculpting highly realistic portraits and dynamic poses. As self-taught sculptor, Adam developed unique techniques for achieving incredibly realistic detail in his work. During his career he found that traditional sculpting materials were limiting, and drew on his background in chemistry and industrial design to invent a new, revolutionary sculpting material called CX5. Adam has been working exclusively in CX5 for the past six years, and founded Adam Beane Industries to bring CX5 and his sculpting technique to the world. The reason I choose this artist because of his detail work. Quality is better than quantity. So this is one of his artwork that I feel really awesome


p/s: I don't own this photo. This photo credit to owner with respect.

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