Ideas in Context Week1 - Product

10:30 PM

The week we need to choose a product and all the idea we expand to create a mind map. from here, we  need to think the various type of word that suit to the product. So this the mind map we need to do

So this product is about Hush Puppies

and this one is Renoma Underwear

So this is the word from mind map that we need to think what is the best word for this two product:

Hush Puppies
1. Comfortably with classic style.
2. Relax with retro fashion style.
3. Enjoy in classic fashion style.

Renoma Underwear
1. Strong protection bring more sexy expression.
2. Comfortably naughty expression.
3. Relax able underwear fashion style.

So this is some sketch to get some idea from the word above

Hush Puppies

Renoma Underwear

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