The School Of Rock - Analysis

10:54 PM

From this movie, the things that I can say it Jack Black as Dewey Finn is the dumb but the way that he teach kids about the music it’s really awesome. From the beginning, Dewey Finn is the guitarist and rock singer has been kicked out of the band called “No Vacancy”. After he got kicked out of the band, Mike White as Ned Schneebly and his girlfriends Sarah Silverman as Patty Di Marco ask Dewey Finn to get the real job. Once day, Dewey Finn has desperate to get the real job and pretends to be Mr.Schneebly because he got called from principle to became substitute teacher. He used name Mr.S because him unable to write name Schneebly correctly. Mr.S thinks that became a teacher just same like became babysitter. One day, Mr.S realized that the student actually have their own skilled like playing guitar, drum, bass, keyboard, and sing. But the rest also got talent of creative like Manager, Fashion Designer, Security and etc. At last, he became a teacher of music. I enjoyed when I watching this movie because I’m actually love Pop Rock/ Pop Punk themes. 

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