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The Making Of A Delicious Love Story
Once upon a time, a bunch of biscuit connoisseurs decided to share their awesome biscuits with the world.

Today, 60 countries (and counting) are taking a big bite out of Munchy’s, Malaysia’s numero uno homegrown biscuits, wafers and wafer sticks.

In The Beginning…
It all started in 1991, in a small peaceful town down south of Malaysia. Our biscuit connoisseurs grew up on the heavenly smells of freshly-baked handmade biscuits that constantly filled their father’s biscuit factory.

Affectionately known as their second home, it was there that they lived, ate, slept, studied and played. During the school holidays, they helped make and pack biscuits, and would quite happily follow Dad everywhere.

While growing up in a biscuit factory sounds like a child’s dream come true, life wasn’t always all fun and games (unlike a Munchy’s biscuit that’s fun and games, all day and all night long!). Many biscuits and wafers were burnt, broken and bruised along the way. But their hard work paid off, as they amassed secrets learnt from their forefathers (to be used in the future with the birth of Munchy’s) to make the perfect homemade biscuit – handmade with cheeky fun, laughter, and above all, love.

Munching Around The World
While the magic of Munchy’s started with one second-hand wafer stick machine worth RM80,000, many trials and tribulations were faced along the way. Their sole machine broke down many a time, yet it did not break their spirits. They would fix it each time, and lo and behold, it would start producing lip-smacking biscuits once again. And when things got better, the brothers began purchasing more equipment directly from machine manufacturers so that they could assemble the machines in the most innovative and productive ways possible.

Soon enough, their production capacity increased as they worked towards their dream – and that was to share the joys of Munchy’s with the rest of the world. The first destination? South Africa. Their biscuits were welcomed with open arms (and mouths), and everybody kept asking for more. Subsequently, they tied up with a reputable MNC chocolate company that allowed them to extend their Munchy’s goodness to chocolate wafers.

The Munchy’s Brand Evolution
As the years went by and business thrived, the name Munchy’s began to gain popularity amongst biscuit lovers. From Malaysia’s local shores to over the seas, the name Munchy’s caused many hungry tummies to squeal excitedly. Evolving from an Original Equipment Manufacturer to a household name, this meant that they also had the key ingredients and knowledge to build the brand name and brand affinity, thus creating the irresistible brand known as Munchy’s, which was born in 1993.


·         The overlaying red planets that forms our Munchy’s logo represents the energy, growth and rapid expansion of company

SWOT Analysis
S – The wafer plant, wafer stick and biscuit is quick delicious because the entire flavor have a chocolate and its can say that everyone love chocolate.
W – The flour maybe not good enough for everyone who cookie lover.
O – Munchy should release the more new product to make people got many choice to choose the product.
T - Compare to another brand of wafer and biscuit like Munchy, Munchy got many rival and all is quick famous too.


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