Final Graphic Design Week 3 - 6 Thinking Hat

3:33 AM

So I start from 6 thinking hat to done some research on what I'm gonna do in this final subject.

White Hat 

Start from first game the god of war, after ten years in the service of the Olympian gods, Spartan soldier Kratos is tasked by Athena to find Pandora's Box is the key to defeating Ares, the God of War. A series of flashbacks reveals that Kratos was once the servant of Ares, who saved the Spartan and his army from annihilation in battle, tricked him into killing his family, and forced his metamorphosis into the "Ghost of Sparta". Kratos eventually finds Pandora's Box, and after finally killing Ares, ascends to Mount Olympus to become the new God of War. The second game is about revenge, betrayed by Zeus, Kratos is saved by the Titan Gaia, who tells him he must now find the Sisters of Fate, who can change his fate and prevent his death at the hands of Zeus. Kratos is ultimately successful, Athena sacrifices herself to save Zeus and preserve Olympus, and tells Kratos that he is the son of Zeus. Kratos then joins forces with Gaia and the Titans to attack Olympus. The last game of the god of war, Kratos is soon abandoned by the Titans. Kratos, helped by the spirit of the revived Athena, seeks the Flame of Olympus. He engages the gods and his former allies the Titans in an epic series of battles across the Underworld and Olympus. He discovers that Pandora herself is the key to pacifying the Flame and allowing him to open Pandora's Box. Kratos defeats the gods and opposing Titans. After killing Zeus, Kratos refuses to help Athena assume the role of new patron of mankind and disappears, his final fate unknown. So that how Kratos end his vengeance.

Red Hat
The moment Kratos begging his life to Ares (The god of war), he telling to Ares “Kill My Enemy, And My Life Is Yours” and from that moment Ares give to Kratos the blade of Athena. After Kratos kill his enemy, he become more foolish and arrogant warriors. He feel no fear in his heart until the moment he killing his own family to get the greatest power and he realize that power that can’t bring happiness so he seek to destroy Ares for causing his become foolish warriors. Kratos being help by Athena to detroy Ares and become the new God of War.
Zeus fears to Kratos that can bring the destruction of Olympus but the way he fight against Kratos is truly like coward. But the way his stand up against all of the god make his fallen immortal yet powerful.

Yellow Hat
He taught us not to give up easily on our life. We must stand up no matter what will happen. The way he end his vengeance is mostly the good way for people that will blind for searching the great power for the bad thing. He cause the problem but he finish up what he have done so he know how to clean his own mess. With this Interactive, I can show people and share my knowledge how to make low budget props with quality.

Black Hat
As we know, revenge is totally is the bad thing. Mostly of character in this game is Muscle Man for men and for women is mostly look like naked.

Green Hat

I will focus on Muscle Man because cosplay not about perfection but is about passion and how deeply you love the character. I will do the weapon tutorial that Kratos get in this games like blade of Athena, blade of exile, blade of Olympus, spear of destiny etc.

Blue Hat
I’m gonna process this idea for my Interactive Multimedia.

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