Final Graphic Design Week 1-3 - Design Project Proposal

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This subject I need to think one topic that I really know well about it, interested about it and experience about it. This subject will be my final project for subject final graphic design.

Design Project Proposal
Cosplay “Kossu”

The Design area that I choose is Interactive Website. The motivation behind this projects, I want to Polish more skill on this area and I'm interested with interactive because it’s something that you can interact with user.

Project Summary

When come to Project Summary, Title of my project is Cosplay – Kossu. I use the word of "Kossu" is from kosupure which is how Japanese say in their language. When people say it kosu, this is how their say "kos-su". For cosplayer, the word of kosu is well known and their know what the meaning of kosu.

About my project, I really want to show the easy ways to start your cosplay with low budget and quality of work. Describing in detail functional/skills/knowledge requirements that I’m the cosplayer. So basically I know well about the costume, props, make-up etc. So I can make it some tutorials for beginner. My target audience, expected end users for those who love to try something new besides watching anime and cartoon mostly for beginner in cosplay world.


Here’s goes my objective. Describing the project goals is to show my skill, knowledge and experience about in Interactive Multimedia and Web Design and Publishing. What my plan to do and how I plan to do it is like doing Website using Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Dreamweaver, E-mail, Promotion/ Ads, Logo, Interface design using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and video/ animation using Adobe Flash Professional and Adobe After Effect.

Background music also I will using software like Audacity and Adobe Sound booth. Without any background music, Interactive will be bored. All of these software I already familiar with it but not all of function I know how to use it. Going to the cosplay event to get know about cosplay culture or outdoor photo-shoot/ private photo-shoot to get the some photo of the cosplayer that work hard on their costume/ make-up/ props and how detail their work that I can share to people by using this website and of course I will get the permission from the cosplayer.

What challenges might stand in the way of accomplishing my design objectives is brain-storming, making tutorials, software, programming, and time management. The major skills/ ideas/ problem I intend to address and why it is important I think is the animation because there not really much that I can do so I decide to learn more about it and also programming since I’m not the real programmer.


On Research, review any prior work in the subject area to do some research on this topic that I choose “Cosplay”. Get deeply information about cosplay because this topic is worldwide. Learn more about software that I want to use like Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Sound booth, Adobe after Effect and Audacity.

Related technology areas I will use same as above and also XML for programming and DSLR camera for tutorials photo. Related reference for me to get is the mainstream character/ favorite character/ well known character to be my subject matter by looking at their costume, make-up and props and also I think I will need interview some cosplayer that already master/ skills about costume and props. With this, easy for me to get the information in more detail.

Design Strategy

So the concept is more to the Greek Mythology Popular Culture: The God of War. With this Interactive Multimedia, this is the modern way to learn for beginner and to interact people with this kind of Greek Mythology. The style is absolute Greek style. So I decide to make more like ancient style yet including a bit of futuristic style.  

A timeline to show the different components and stages in my design process
I will more working on animation, interface design, and testing the website because this work that I mention is need to a lot of work to do than the rest.


Cosplay is about dressing up and pretending to be a fictional character (usually a sci-fi, comic book, or anime character). Cosplay also the meaning “costume play”. My unique selling point is creating good cosplay website with nice animation site. I never seen Interactive website for cosplay so I decide to make one with nicely animation website. Website with animation can make it more interesting. People love to see what their click on website is moving and also control. Even the browser loading can make people know what going on with their browser same goes to Interactive. It’s like we playing the games. We love to something that can be control.

1-    Logo
2-    Website = 5page including Starting Page
-       Interface Design
-       Flash Animation
-       Illustration
-       Tutorial
3-    Video = 1 minute (Animation)

4-    Near Field Communication

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