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I choose sport because it is something healthy activity for human. It is show some strategy, physical, and fun activity. All sport got their own rules and this thing is making more interesting. Some sports need more strategy like basketball, football and etc. Some sports need more physical like rugby/american football, and other sport. Some Impact of certain sport can make people think that it is more on physical activity and some speed of certain sport also can make people think and know that it is more on strategy.

So I made some research about Club Arizona Cardinals to create a symbol/Icon represent Impact, Strength, Speed and Energy.

The Morgan Athletic Club was started in 1898. It was the first name of what we now know to be the Arizona Cardinals. After that first moniker, they were known as the Normals, Racine Cardinals, Chicago Cardinals, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Phoenix Cardinals, and finally became the Arizona Cardinals in 1994.
This team is American football continuously run professional franchise in the nation. In 1922 the team move to Chicago and played at Comiskey Park also played for 37 years and join NFL. They got new name Chicago Cardinals. In 1925 their won NFL championship and got awarded for their first NFL championship.
In 1944 combined with the Pittsburgh Steelers to play as one team. After NFL’s 15th championship Mrs. Violet Bidwill hold Cardinals for 15 years and in 1960 Cardinals move to St. Louis. In 1988 the cardinals moved to Arizona under the name Phoenix Cardinals and the name change again into Arizona Cardinals.
Chicago Cardinals 1920 – 1959
St. Loius Cardinals 1960 - 1987
Phoenix Cardinals 1988 -1993
Arizona Cardinals 1994 – Pres

So this is the symbol/Icon that I visualize it

symbolize to Sun 

symbolize something hard drop to the ground and the water more to effect of impact

symbolize to fast

symbolize chain hard. Its more like how you protect it. 

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