Advertising Design Week 4 - MyTeksi "Delivering Happiness"

10:17 AM

This week we need to do ads for upcoming event Delivering Happiness by MyTeksi. As usual, we done mind mapping to get know what this campaign is about and what we actually understand about this event. My Teksi is the application that we can used to get a taxi by using this application. This apps can detect your location and price from your place to the destination that you want to go. This campaign is about like charity event to help 2000 children with giving their a gift like toys and book.

mind map

Some idea

After we done mind mapping and get some idea, we list down our tagline for this ads:

1- Don't know how to donate? Use a Taxi!
2- How a Taxi make them live easy?
3- Donate is not that difficult, a Taxi can help You!
4- We've found You! come with us now.
5- We've found You! join with us now.
6- Do You know how to make them happiness? We have the solution for this.
7- #Teksi4Donate.
8- Enjoy travel with donate.
9- We will try to share your happiness.
10- Care each other.
11- We give it for You.
12- We create happiness.
13- Share your smile face.
14- #Donate4Happiness.
15- Now is the choice for happiness.
16- We bring the happiness.
17- Different face, same smile.
18- You can help them!
19- Everyone can have a happiness. Why not them?
20- Taxi can make a difference life.
21- Try it!
22- Only You can give them happiness.
23- Did You know? Taxi can bring happiness to them.
24- You can change their live! with my taxi.
25- Changing life with MyTeksi.
26- Try become a lifesaver.
27- You are the hero too! Try it!

Thumbnails Sketches

After we got the tagline, we visualize it

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  1. Hi there. I happen to come across this while browsing around for old clippings. Great job and concept. Do reach out to us if you are ever looking for an exciting place to work. I am reachable via the official myteksi twitter and Fb pages.


    1. Hi Cheryl. I didn't expect that someone really seen my work. Thanks for the offer. I really appreciate that.


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