Packaging Design - 7UP Limited Edition for Hari Raya Design

7:52 PM

This final project I need to do cane packaging. SO it's just like doing limited edition for which brand that I choose. I choose 7UP because this brand not really mainstream like Coca-Cola, Pepsi and etc. So since I choose 7UP for doing my limited edition, I have to choose what festival have in Malaysia. So I choose Selamat Hari Raya because I haven't do something that related to my culture. I take this risk to make sure I can do what I want.


Design for logo Hari Raya

Planing doing packaging box




Before go to Illustrator, I make some test on my packaging to make sure it's good enough to do the final design. This one is mock up.

After done mock up, I go to Illustrator to design my final design for cane and box

So this is the final design for my 7UP hari raya limited edition. The reason why my box is triangle is I used element of hari raya from ketupat. Ketupat got two type which means is the one is triangle and square.

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